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How Wearables Are Revolutionizing Senior Care

Through the years, many of the problems we have faced in senior healthcare have been improved through the power of technology. Wearable devices come in many forms and are a form of technology that bridges the gap between patients and the care they need, even when they are not in the same room or building as a provider or doctor.

Of course, “wearable” describes a broad variety of devices designed to help those with medical conditions. Not every device is like the one in the Life Call commercial, though that is a magnificent invention! There are so many wearable devices for seniors that have been recorded to improve their quality of life in multiple ways, making the day-to-day life of a senior healthier and easier to control. Here are some ways that wearables have improved the overall quality of life for seniors.

Mental Comfort Becomes Physical Comfort

A lot of times, when we talk about comfort, we are talking about physical comfort. The word “comfort” conjures the images of well-built beds and couches we can sink into, but “comfort” is rarely associated with our mental state. However, studies have shown us that mental health is important for physical health, and mental relaxation can be good for the body.

The presence of a constant health monitor should allow seniors and their family members to relax a little and worry less. As well, it allows people to monitor their own health and make healthier decisions as they go along — they can see the results of their unhealthy decisions as they happen instead of waiting for their next doctor’s visit.

As well, with wearables, the wearer can continue normal life activities and if something should go awry, important parties can be made aware of it. Items are being developed and have been developed that send data directly to doctors even, so the potential for wearables to keep wearers safe has increased even more so.

Faster Response to Emergencies and Medical Issues Like the life call commercial and other wearables that send information directly to doctors, the ultimate practical benefit of wearables is that emergencies and medical issues are responded to faster.

There doesn’t have to be any more waiting until a senior’s next checkup, you can schedule it sooner if your wearable alerts you of some kind of malfunction in your body. Maybe this is high blood pressure or a fast heart rate. Maybe it involves another medical condition. The point is that everything will be responded to more quickly.

Possible Increase of Lifespan

Because of the emphasis on comfortability and quick emergency responses, the average lifespan is theorized by some to increase, and some even assume we are getting closer to immortality in ways, with the help of wearables. While that might be a little out there, it’s notable that both decreasing anxiety and addressing problems quicker can increase lifespan.

Immortality may be a stretch but there’s no doubts that wearables have helped us address problems sooner, and treat things before they get ugly in many instances. Not only has that, but the comfort provided — mental and physical— allowed for better rest and better physical condition.

Have you had any experiences with wearables for seniors? What are some of the ones that you would recommend that would be particularly helpful? Let us know in the comments below!





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