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Secret Tip To Looking “Younger” – Have Purpose and Smile!

When people learn I am in the “aging” business they usually open up and start telling me how “old” they feel, and how the “aging process” has got them down. Lately I have been sharing some tips on how these folks can better process this life transition, I hope they inspire you to think differently too!

1) “Anti-aging” is impossible! So when you visit a cosmetic counter and are tempted by the hundreds of products claiming to make you look younger, save your money!

2) Spend the money you saved by NOT buying “anti-aging” products on something that helps you achieve more purpose in your life

3) Having purpose makes us smile and provides us with a sparkle in our eyes that makes us look great! (notice I didn’t say look YOUNGER!)

Take a look at these examples:

Look at the before photo of Joan Rivers with a great smile. The after photo she might have nice smooth wrinkle free skin, but without a smile she doesn’t look so hot!

Now look at this woman with gray hair and a smile – do you really think she looks better with artificially dyed hair in the after photo?

Some of this might have to do with the fact that when we look in the mirror at ourselves and find a new gray hair or wrinkle we tend to frown or be dissappointed. Trying smiling and laughing the next time you see one of these and recognize that they are signs of wisdom and life experience that you can share with others or make the world a better place.





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